Welcome to the Soft Rains network, Liz's domain and collective. Hope you'll find something here to entertain you or please your eyes.

This layout is version 28. It doesn't necessarily stand for anything, but just so everyone knows, Soft Rains just turned five years old on February 6! Craziness! But anyway, you can learn more about the layout here. This layout is pretty compatible in both IE and Firefox, they looked almost identical to me, but if anyone has any problems, be sure to contact me.

Navigation is via the 4 links above this text box. The descriptions are exactly what they say, follow them to see what else the network has to offer. As this is a collective, most of the content is found in the sites. However, I'm sure you can find a little bit here to entertain you as well, I hope.

Anyways, thanks a lot for visiting! If you liked what you saw, and I really hope you did, please sign the guestbook! I'll give you a (virtual) hug if you do! Unless you're a guestbook spammer. Then no.

- 02.14.07 » Happy Valentines Day! New layout :)
- 11.08.06 » New layout!
- 11.07.06 » Late late late announcement: New site!
- 03.01.06 » New month, and a new song at Deep Water.

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